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Our Guarantee

As our client, helping you is the most important part of what we do. We endeavour to offer the highest level of customer service at all times. Furthermore, we offer a simple guarantee to everyone who selects our Full Financial Planning service: If you feel that we haven’t added value to your situation by the end of the process, don’t pay us – we’re both confident and clear about our solutions.

We are the missing link between your finances & happiness.

We listen…

Pressure-free, multi-award winning financial planning

At Clear Solutions, we only work with an exclusive number of clients where we can add value. We won’t dictate – instead, we listen carefully to your ideas. By taking the time to understand your lifestyle, business, and your retirement plans, we can help you create a successful financial plan that gets results. Whether you want to make the most of a large pot of cash, a set of investments you’re struggling to manage, or you’re seeking a better way to manage your finances, we can help.

What’s your situation?

Many of our clients are business owners, partners in professional firms or senior executives in large companies. They may have invested in stocks, shares or a property portfolio, but their decisions haven’t always led to the best return on investment.

Some of our clients are buying or selling a business, and they need advice on tax and protecting their assets.

Some have received an inheritance and they’re worried about their tax liabilities.

Others are facing divorce and need to tie up their finances.

Most of our clients share a common goal – to achieve a financially worry-free retirement.

You set the goals and we will work with you to achieve financial freedom and a better way to manage your money – please get in touch today.

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Clear Solutions Wealth and Tax Management Ltd are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration Number 429206-007

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