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Wealth Management

As you accumulate wealth it needs to be managed. So that your wealth grows steadily over time, and is available to use when you need it.

Along the way there will be financial ups and downs, only too evident with the current pandemic. Our responsibility is to help our clients navigate through these times, with clear objectives.

And to ensure that we sensibly make the most of the legitimate tax incentives that are available from the government.

Wealth Planning

We believe every client is different when it comes to wealth planning. Therefore, it is vital that you use a rational, objective and informed approach when you’re investing your money. A sound investment strategy needs to be tailored to your situation and your financial goals.

At Clear Solutions, we can advise you on both mainstream and alternative investments, such as Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts. We can also engage with you as your ‘critical friend’ to act as a sounding board for property investments or ‘Angel’ funding opportunities.

All investments have their own characteristics, quirks, risks and varying levels of consumer protection. We believe our value is to help you determine where to invest in a controlled, impartial and systematic way, balancing your wishes and your attitude to risk.

  • Our focus is on selecting the right investment mix and guiding our clients to ensure they are provided with the right advice for their whole situation. We will not ignore important aspects of any current circumstances or random financial objectives.
  • Our approach uses a tried and tested Financial Planning Process; the main benefit being that you will be provided with a Lifetime Cashflow Forecast. The forecast shows you the importance of ensuring that the right money is invested in appropriate investments, which will always be available to the right people at the right time. As a result, we can help you to create and enjoy your desired lifestyle, both now and in the future, without worrying whether your financial affairs are in order. You will receive an objective analysis of your current plans and an assessment of their suitability, along with suggestions where improvements could be made. We will then recommend an investment strategy suitable for meeting your objectives.
  • Our investment philosophy is underpinned by a wealth of experience accumulated over many years, working with a variety of different partners. We have seen many investment strategies fall in and out of favour. As a result, we are very sceptical of any investment approach that suggests it can be all things to all people – this is rarely the case.

There are a number of different and successful approaches to investment management. It would be wrong to say that any one approach is better than another – it depends on the circumstances. An approach that may be highly suitable for one client, may well be entirely unsuitable for another. Our belief is that good Financial Planning firms should be flexible and broad-minded, not just adhering rigidly to one investment management style.

Thus, it is our philosophy that we should consider the individual needs of every client, recommending an investment approach we believe will be the most suitable to meet those needs.

Included in wealth planning is planning for retirement.

Planning for retirement

In today’s world most people will have several jobs in their lifetime. Each of them could include pension contributions, resulting in a confusion of schemes and options. It can become very complex to work out what you have, and whether you are on track for the income in retirement that you want.

Clear Solutions Wealth and Tax Management can take the pension burden off your shoulders. Whether you have a private pension, work pension, or more than a few pensions, we can advise you on how to bridge any potential future income gaps by using one pension pot instead of many. Our Pension and Retirement Planning service looks at all possible scenarios and options, helping you to save and invest on a regular basis. With so many options available in the market place, you need qualified and competent retirement and pensions advice.

Is your current investment strategy reaping the right level of returns? Are you interested in diversifying your portfolio?

For an investments review, please get in touch today.

Will your private or final salary pensions give you the income you really need? Worried about whether you’ll be facing a comfortable retirement? Book a pension review today. We will meet you at your home at a mutually convenient time to look through your pension options (Birmingham, Derby, Derbyshire, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire area, London).

Trust us… we’re experts

Our Advisers hold Chartered and Certified qualifications, ranking amongst the highest in the profession. Our highly qualified team of experts are above the FCA minimum standard for advisers. In 2008, we were the first joint practice to be awarded the new British Standards ISO 22222 International Financial Planning Standard by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Our Managing Director was asked to be an assessor of the new standard helping to disseminate ‘best practice’. This measures the ability to deliver a consistent holistic financial planning service to an extremely high technical standard.

In 2013, we became the only firm to be awarded the BS85777 accreditation by the Chartered Insurance Institute. When the Chartered Insurance InstituteI relinquished their UK licence to maintain the above awards, Clear Solutions withdrew from the accreditation and no longer hold either accreditation.

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