Retirement Planning

Pension Planning

Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing pension system? Fed up of ‘pension calculators’ and trying to understand Pension Credit? With rising living costs and changes to the way you can use your pension, are you sure your pension will give you the right level of income once you retire? Growing numbers of people continue to neglect or make adequate provision for their retirement. Recent ‘pension freedoms’ have given people access to benefits from the age of 55 – and with this comes an added risk of spending more of the pot before you even reach retirement. If you’re not sure whether your pension will provide you with a comfortable income, then it’s time for a pension review.

Clear Solutions Wealth and Tax Management can take the pension burden off your shoulders. Whether you have a private pension, work pension, or more than a few pensions, we can advise you on how to bridge any potential future income gaps by using one pension pot instead of many. Our Pension and Retirement Planning service looks at all possible scenarios and options, helping you to save and invest on a regular basis. With so many options available in the market place, you need qualified and competent retirement and pensions advice – talk to us.

Pension and Retirement Planning - How it works

At Clear Solutions Wealth & Tax Management, Pension and Retirement Planning is one of our core services. Our comprehensive service combines our vast experience and skills in the areas of Financial Planning, Tax Mitigation and Investments to give you a full range of pension options. Firstly, we will take you through our Financial Planning process to make sure that your financial needs and financial goals are in relation to your desired future lifestyle. Then, we will help you find the right pension provision and financial solution to help you secure your retirement.

Our advice doesn’t come free, but it is all part of your investment for the future. By successfully planning for your retirement, you will be able to live financially free. What’s more, we will follow up with you on a regular basis to ensure your pension provision continues to meet your needs.

Trusted pension advice

For your peace of mind and assurance, place your trust and business in the hands of Stephen Jones and the Clear Solutions team – we would love to meet you in person. As Chartered and Certified Financial Planners, we are also registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Will your private or final salary pensions give you the income you really need? Worried about whether you’ll be facing a comfortable retirement? Book a pension review today. We will meet you at your home at a mutually convenient time to look through your pension options (Birmingham, Derby, Derbyshire, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire area, London).

Trust us… we’re experts

Our Advisers hold Chartered and Certified qualifications, ranking amongst the highest in the profession. Our highly qualified team of experts are above the FCA minimum standard for advisers. In 2008, we were the first joint practice to be awarded the new British Standards ISO 22222 International Financial Planning Standard by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Our Managing Director was asked to be an assessor of the new standard helping to disseminate ‘best practice’. This measures the ability to deliver a consistent holistic financial planning service to an extremely high technical standard.

In 2013, we became the only firm to be awarded the BS85777 accreditation by the Chartered Insurance Institute. When the Chartered Insurance InstituteI relinquished their UK licence to maintain the above awards, Clear Solutions withdrew from the accreditation and no longer hold either accreditation.

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Clear Solutions Wealth and Tax Management Ltd are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.
Registration Number 429206-007
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